As the saying goes, only sky is the limit. For some renovation projects, the limit sometimes comes down to a ceiling height. However, due to boundless imagination and innovative approach even the most improbable ideas can be realized. An impressive fancy suspended ceiling with wavy shapes defines an innovative, unprecedented style of house arrangement. Four zones of light scattered by LED chandeliers and colorful illuminations create a bit futuristic aura.

The magical atmosphere is even more intense thanks to the staircase lighting with two PIR motion sensors. The unusual interior decor is perfectly complemented by the decorating stone wall finish enriched with hidden cupboard door and remotely controlled electric fireplace.

House Refurbishment in Reading is not only about stunning visualization, it is also tedious work related to the installation of engineering floor, upgrading fuse box and also setting up security systems such as hard-wired smoke alarm. After all, the view of the renovated apartment in such an extraordinary way is worth every effort and commitment.

Eagle Buildings is not afraid of any challenges, we will help to change even the shabbiest and the most rejecting interior.

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