Where does all magic happen? The answer is surprisingly simple - in the kitchen. This is a unique place that witnesses touching stories of an eventful day. It is here that the sincerest conversations take place with a mug of hot tea, the most affectionate hugs are shared and delicious dishes created.

To provide a place for the most beautiful memories and inspiring conversations, we knocked down walls and enlarged the kitchen by connecting to a spacious dining room. For the sake of the greatest safety, we applied fire protection sensors along with the anti-burglary system and mounted solid internal door fitting.

The comprehensive character of the renovation also included installation of new lighting and extractor fan, upgrade and repositioning of electrical sockets and switches.

From the visual side, subdued colors of the equipment have been enriched with diamantine details, which decided about the ubiquitous glamor style and awe-inspired splendor. This designed kitchen is an indication of our faith in the strength of family ties.

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